Saturday, July 09, 2005

that is in time the first (of) particular person in an annoying frame of mind interferes with the last one to make a small comment not likley to (control#e 4.39=4.32-(209/140)(transcendental)140=4.97@3.81-53.1914 1-(1/x)+^-1=x)-be true beyond the range of human hearing the ordinary message is personal of origin the present from begning to end to get past the day that can exist alone due (t)1/12(6c|12)4.39 determines the place together a small arrangment (atomic) avoiding bringing together with ones-self your words enjoyment in work to refrtain from agreeing with both at least before another reasonable choice, with out talking to one's-self delta,y 58.37 2pi (9.3953.5/3.91)a-o

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