Saturday, August 20, 2005

mistakes plus an extra language

united federation of planets the political future may hinge, on as it dose here, possible grouth of reversal, is an question. the possible sometimes considered possibility that may show there is nothing wrong. is not always missed. writers refer, that admit peculiar very excelent, without distinction, a exact reasonable approach, one will soon, i feel it is clear, yet not clear at all. one is inclinned to comment on possible occurences, exactly...of most people at personal prefrences, is of course, the course of life, you may ask; has he a good sense list in fact it seems his own. is it for the sake of fancy or added mistakes plus an extra language. writers such as written are not full of sense, so admit that this has a more peculiar sense thats not pratical, there was a pratical way. of course and other persons might be that correct, a few have been vague pratically so mabey we say mabey its ok, whats wrong with that its as loose as plain fact; comes from the pen. and can be made into anything with practice, personal taste peculiar to one, was quite peculiar, they must be peculiar; to this story. after another certain comment, to devote space to such word sense was missed, but are no problem, usually. but are piled up and wordy usually. while no ordinary reader is puzzled ¿ by the seasons and weather, have considered getting rid of the rational,at any rate is found in the subculture. here it is, here in up on many that come in for no rational words, that grapple with a scheme to cheat themselves, are more complicated. i didnt want to be read (out) up for. explain that, get rid of that rationale. when its gone it can be found very much like another extra language. its not the case at least since everybody who is in the know agrees, never that end 'in those that know' is a poor example for an end.

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