Monday, October 10, 2005

Please consult your Cognatives, for help on Reality

_________________________________ The reason for mistakes, is a reason to fail. A simpler explanation that absolutes are not knowing explanations. We think first, but who dose, we do not know, because thought can only be introduced. Yet not solved, and not know it is. Especially that is, to question is wrong. Not because you question but because to question is wrong? No and very wrong to be, and to resist. Free-speech is a part of speech they must be bugaboos for free. They must be fourthly sick and with jestbugaboos, in a manner most sincere, no harm it appears calling it to his mind, has been has been made ready for placement, and means verdantly-‘green’ with growing things. Since dividing, fourthly rational,rationale on a whim is a simple rule of thumb. the contest once simply found must be won quickly, and quickly claimed, but you will need to rely on common sense, rather than on a common rule. The reason is lexicography, because, as for arguing it dose not make Sense. Is it more simple than reason, hence A=F. that’s the Excellence. A B C D F Any way its important to remember innocence should be protected x>y for all, because the person who wrote this seems to know more than me ideal "altruists" are rationale. Its more important not to make Sense. And like assign it to delegates, the fact is instead grant it “by Reason” the final argument is by reason. Since to be punished for guilt should be a protected right, with those involved rewarded, to consider the disguise of every animal as brother and sister, along with the uneducated.

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