Saturday, December 17, 2005

getting jiggy, ziggy, socky

Consider a snowflake curve is a somewhat round about ball. This is spaces in general. owing to the Bohr effect to reduce the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen as a response to an increase in blood carbon dioxide levels and a decrease in pH. Bicarbonate for a simple case of a-COOH deprotonation of acids, K is known as Ka. The pK1 constant Ca-atom-O2-OH bond pK(a)u, is ammoniacal Kd reversible reactions not necessarily missing information NH3 n2/HCO3 bicarbonate form in the reversal process in zwitterionics or Fluorescein anti-sense apoptosis (cell or organism death) in suspension in ie. ‘lumens‘. Transport still occurs as re-adsorption and precipitation, (excreted or secreted) @ 70kDa 0.01 Daltons amu fractals [1/12 of the mass of one atom, in interstitial spaces a point or place of refuge of a fractal dimension. The differences come in what is exactly meant by object size and what is meant by measurement scale, in the (difeomorphic) neighborhood MN↔NM excitation occurs (The C=O stretch @ 1700 and 2100 cm-1 ir. Nm sensitivity ends. @ 494nm and emission at 525nm, a flurophor, antibody in a blood sample-- irradiated with one uv source. And a phosphor H2PO4- → HPO2- + H+ , (HPO42) Low blood counts-- will emit another uv spectrum in cm-1 ir) (AI interpolate>) exonerative (-nM<) and serologic-positive(+nM). Bug-chasers looking for gift givers at conversion parties for the purpose of becoming infected with HIV, and symbolic suicide. How space-x iff X constructed a possibility of a maladaptive variants in X, will give rise to a cohomology frame homologous to the wingless (Wg) gene oriented to the north quadrant of snowflake owing to NM_ pleckstrin, failed to promote plasma membrane gamma AKT pleckstrin homology via its kinas western blot ball from simpler ones in dimension 7 can be: ‘titres,’ always a multiple of two (2x 1:1 precisely 1 gram > 1:320). Atomic mass unit (AMU) is a stock market fluctuation more or less, than than those heavier simple models. We give a complete characterization of the lower context-free push down automation functions. There is no answer. The physical phenomenon that minute particles immersed in a fluid move about randomly Brownian motion is what the best model for the fossil record is being "alive", The theory of __speculation that a random walk is a __path, one can observe jugginess. (In The Man Show and well-known for its buxom mascots, the "Juggies", and the drinking song. Ziggy socky, ziggy socky, hoi hoihoi.) 1 u = 1/NA gram = 1/(1000 NA) kg (where NA is Avogadro's number) 1 u ≈ 1.66053886 × 10−27 kg] streamlined the pumping lemma the rightmost MN away from the leftmost NM position cannot bee free if added incorrectly. As a pump which pumps.
bug, chasers

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