Saturday, March 25, 2006


______________________________ According to the genetic code. Motivationally smaller D19 mass-spectro. MS/LC/GC sub-projects and training techniques. Isolable fullerenes and lower order carbon Buckyballs are capable of surviving collisions with metals in excess of 20,000 mph. Production utilizing an organic solvent is known as potassium/rubidium-doping 18/30K electrochemical potential, with respect to a cell. And in the area of dna unwinds as single stranded where proof reading occurs is the real RecQ identical similarity to micro mother and daughter filaments actin network tubules and dendrite (but not axons) nucleation Arp2/3 complex Need to separate out individual tubes and prevent them from reattaching voltage-gated ion channels and electrical properties to help attenuate encyphalized synaptic input abor to the protein cofilin or interstital spaces, notch to develope a nanoscale fuel cell and cell-recycle operateing thetan above clear (After haveing removed ones own reactive mind.) can be systematically initiated. And than study truffle cultivation techniques for the entry of water into the distal heme pocket myoglobins but the Bohr effect is reduced in favor of the NernstAny sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic Vion potential. The modular structure thats “ reversibly †molecular "valence" is zero at its "reversal potential" transmembrane voltage Electron (511 keV/c²), the lightest elementary particle with a measured nonzero rest mass of an I-domain in S that rigidifys the intergral milar (exo) membrane of refuge for a fractal dimension western blot ball from simpler ones to cut the hanoi knot until a 70S terminating condition at 50S is reached for a 30S subunit ribosyme accessory protein. Than can cut out a double stranded target DNA which is then translated into TATA Protein., the real-time spatial and temporal aspects of protein, [Ehrlichiosis] leads to BRCA pathophysiologies in numerous organ systems active telomerase allows BRCAs such as HeLa T cells, and magic bullets to “humanize”. And to divide forever during the 3-dot sub-microsecond phase, and is in the range of several tons daily production. Heterotrimeric G-protein alpha subunits to the 3' ("three prime" gene is 3396bp hTR.) end of the N and C-termini and the issue of ‘spare receptors’ amplification to elicit maximal effector responses rather quickly, or in evolution a niche, with the current model and protein accessories will help to rationalize temporal effiencie. In order to participate in a FRET response effector activation to interrogate (G beta lambda) Gi-coupled (BAC muscarine/pertussis) signaling flurospores. The role of cooperativity in the Interoperability of C2 domains ==>C60 Buckminsterfullerines.

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