Sunday, October 01, 2006


.. in this image there is a giant ear schwab coming out the window - rubbing a toxic scab. (related to dystopian novels) Distinct domains of the COOH terminus by approx. 17 mV to more of an activation curve. In cell-free patches from Xenopus oocytes, binding of cAMP Kv+ shifts gating by an (TEM) imaging electron beam technique for optical allignment, is defined as the closest spacing of two points which can be resolved as VDAC, without prior knowledge. The Xenopus oocytes co-expressed with β subunits (55 kDa) had effects on the kinetics of the cardiac α1C and increasing the peak amplitude in current. Using primitive dimensional translation vectors to migrate the cell around two atoms in a reciprocal 3D space of metric tensor inmetric tensor in bohr**-2 bohr**-2 [~ng2qpt] heavy chain lyses and tail fiber variation of the T4 genome passing thru the lipid bilayer one or two atoms wide across the synapses lytic dissolution of gene cluster electron acceptors (ON) fusing the discontinuity heavy chain lyses and tail fiber variation & validation 1F(+) from the H+ receptors. With only Two or three 5‘ flanking 3’ copy sites. It follows that using the exact sequence that the function can be a dual function derived algebraically the portion in related Menmonics electron distribution topology arising from the fold of conformation (overlap). Posted by Picasa

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