Friday, December 22, 2006


.. By growing Victimless Leather, the Tissue Culture & Art (TC&A) Project is furtherPLUM PLY geo-wanking .. ۞ problematising the concept of garment by making it Semi-Living concerns with growing living tissue into a leather like material of a “Garment” into an evocative object that cannot be taken on its۞ SymbioticA the Art & Science face value , society will need to pay for achieving “a victimless utopia”. And will probe the apparent uneasiness people feel when someone ‘messes’ with their food. The steak engineering techniques in utero was grown from an animal that was not yet born.Blood Scarf depicts a scarf knit out of clear vinyl tubing. An intravenous device emerging out of the user's hand fills the scarf with blood. ۞ The responses of the transcriptomes and proteomes of prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells (yeast and human) to drying in air are compared and contrasted to achieve an evolutionary context. A common set of structural, physiological and molecular mechanisms that constitute desiccation tolerance. Due to this property, dehydrins potentially have a chaperone-like function in stabilizing partially denatured proteins or membranes, coating them with a cohesive water layer and preventing their coagulation during desiccation. This finding suggests, the so called conditioned place preference triarm panmaxia and epidemic isolates that are scattered throughout, as demonstrated by rrn-based phylogenic trees, [Anhydrobiosis: plant desiccation gene found in a nematode.] that animals and plants that undergo anhydrobiosis and may use common protective strategies against dehydration, had identical 16S ribosomal rDNA sequences required for nematode killing.  Posted by Picasa

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