Friday, June 29, 2007

You are the phenomenon

.. Today, [Souris] told me something espèce Mus musculus 'What you eat' translates into 'what you are' [the phenomenon of Autolysis in Cytochrome’s (P450) bimodal VAV III enzymes] because it allows dietary fatty acids ( PPARgamma ligands) to modulate gene transcription as this will improve glucose homeostasis while preventing adiposeness. Mutations in humans and in mouse models provide opportunities to dissect relationships (metabolic) revealed in conditional knockout mice hypothalamic Y2 receptors regulated transcript (CART) in the arcuate nucleus. anorexic proopiomelanocortin (POMC) cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript (CART) to induce a physiological (Siberian male) winter response. Hypothalamic neuropeptide systems and anticipatory weight change with long day (LD) controls induced by short days (SD) results and early increases in ARC that produces a head region with sensory organs with greater 18S rDNA cephalization organisms according to photoperiodic history (Conditional knockouts: Cre-Lox systems) into body weight regulation across mammalian species, including man. The physiologically unimaginable can become the heritable norm ofpostcard_from_a_padded_room mental health, [Obligatory general population education: soft signs and verbal fluency in the Schizotypy dimensions, neurocognitive correlates.] activated by "water receptors and (from the Greek πεπτος, "digestible") where "the highest level of trust" is twice as often affecting risk-aversion. When certain food proteins such as gluten, casein, egg protein and spinach protein are broken down as (a neurotransmitter that inhibits aggression among many other things) AMPA, (The act of transferring money triples its value!) psycho stimulant CX-717 centrally-acting agents (ampakines) will, and, can brighten mood and sharpen mental focus, the cognitive-enhancing drug CX546 can promote further enhancement. For three unique Y2 genomic clones (bbe1, bbe2, and bbe3) where (S)-reticuline serves as a branch-point, to induce the synthesis of beta-lactamase, from ( UO) that subserves the catalytic triad buffer to an occurrence of a sudden mutational event early in primate evolution. Showed brain lipofuscin content and emotional behavior in aged rats decrease lipofuscin (an undesirable, harmful buildup ) increase Multiple Unit Activity Glutathione ( GSH) NADH through a complex amino acid pathway in R-nomics resistivity pay zones bipartite ЭкстраЮмор ۞ WARS HAAO RNomics commercial primary energy source. For the third nucleotide of the P-site codon, and all 3 nt of the A-site RNA codon (Pol III), in this [current] view contain interactions [ tryptophanyl tRNA synthetase] of WARS HAAO in mental health pseudo symmetry map via theta, where half of heterozygous females were new WARS. If the Xg loci 'are a sufficient distance from each other on the human X chromosome, that linkage cannot be detected ,and has the capacity to produce the endogenous 'excitotoxin' quinolinic acid, in HD brains as gestation by measurement [synthesizing (L-dopa) enzymes] on the PEVK domain ETP VAV’s [III].

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Meatball One said...

Not just nature or nurture but everything at the same time and cascading into the other. Great post.