Saturday, August 13, 2011

MAL2 macrophage-activating lipopeptide 2

Desmodium yellow mottle virus Synthetic IDDLMAL2 macrophage-activating lipopeptide 2, TPD52 a coiled-coil motif-bearing protein and unrecognized prostate-specific protein, PrLZ (prostate leucine zipper), to which (toll-like receptor agonist macrophage-activating lipopeptide-2) MAL2 binds, is located on chromosome 8q21.13.; [§§]. (MALP-2) is essential for transcytosis across the interior of intestinal cells-bile canaliculus (basolateral to apical) membrane region, apically localized endosome structures en route to the canalicular surface, the process is also present elsewhere in a different compartment from that containing MAL in thyroid epithelial cells TPD52, to which MAL2s 4 transmembrane domain exons bind, M. fermentans total proteins, LPMf (fMetLeuPhe: isolated from bacterial filtrates origionally.) or MALP-2 (M. fermentans synthetic lipopeptide), RFLP pattern (restriction fragment length polymorphism) based on the distribution of an insertion element (IS1550) suggests in Gram-positive bacteria that human pathogen Mycoplasma fermentans (wall-less prokaryotes)  isolates possess inter-strain variation in the chemoattractant (FMLP) yet their identity is conserved as (RFLP) and have the ability to activate human peripheral blood monocytes in their interaction with B cells and surface capsular material, a cytocidal activity that does not apply to other mycoplasma species, mD52 vaccination induces an immune response. MALP-2 has been expressed at the surface of M. fermentans as a molecular entity sMALP-2. MAL2 colocalized in subapical endosome structures with transcytosing molecules (PIGR and CD59), en route to the apical surface where MAL2 resides selectively in raft protein of the MAL family.

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